08 October 2018

Midnight Run (USA) join Dublin weekly jam, 9 Oct. 2018

For those of us, particularly in the Dublin area, who missed Midnight Run when they were here last month, some very welcome news from John Nyhan, who organised their Irish tour:

The classic bluegrass band Midnight Run from Tennessee, who made such a huge impact on their recent tour of Ireland, Scotland, and England, will be back in Dublin on Tuesday next (9th October) before they fly home to the US on Wednesday 10th.

I am delighted to announce that they will join the Dublin Bluegrass Collective for their usual Tuesday night jam in the Sin É pub in Ormond Quay Upper.

I also wish to say that it was a great pleasure to be associated with this band. They delivered some of the finest classic bluegrass ever played on these shores, which sounded fresh every night. Add to the above a great work ethic (while still having fun), great personalities, and communication skills, and you get a band that tick all the boxes.

So bluegrass musicians and audiences alike should make their way to the Sin É on Tuesday night next and give Midnight Run a great send-off back home to Tennessee.

And next week at the Dublin Bluegrass Collective jam in Sin É, multi-instrumentalist Randy Pasley from North Carolina is expected (see the BIB for 28 Sept.).

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At 1:30 pm, Blogger phantompicker said...

Thanks for a epic night of bluegrass music in Dublin Richard, John, Seth, Colton, Rodney and Max. We really appreciate you joining us for such a great pickin' session. Hope to see y'all again soon.


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