19 June 2018

Kudos for Tristan Scroggins

The latest IBMA newsletter includes this tribute to Tristan Scroggins, who will be here with his father's band Jeff Scroggins & Colorado next month (Tristan is second from right in the photo above). The context is the ballot procedure for IBMA members to vote for this year's awards:

We were impressed here at the IBMA office to see this Facebook post by IBMA member Tristan Scroggins. Like most voting members, it looks like he was doing his homework and listening to all the musicians on the second round ballot before casting his vote.

But he took it one community-building step further: he made playlists for all the categories, and shared them on social media, sending out kudos to all the artists nominated. In one fell swoop he has honored his peers, helped voters find the music they need to make informed choices, and quite likely introduced bluegrass lovers to new music. Well done, Tristan.

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