21 June 2018

Happy birthday, Eddie Adcock; rest in peace, Delia Bell

The evening of 21 June has yet to come in the USA, so it's not too late to wish a happy 80th birthday (what remains of it) to Eddie Adcock, one of the most original and inventive 5-string banjo players in or out of bluegrass, not to mention his prowess on guitar. The picture, from the front cover of Vintage banjo jam (Patuxent CD-300), shows Eddie Adcock and his Epiphone banjo in the early 1960s as a member of the 'classic' Country Gentlemen, who were collectively inducted into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame in 1996.

Update: Richard Thompson's major feature on Bluegrass Today gives much more detail of the many aspects of Eddie Adcock's career and life, and includes tributes from his fellow musicians - among them Greg Cahill of the Special Consensus.
The BIB also records with regret the death of Delia Bell, singer, songwriter, and guitarist, who died last Friday at the age of 83. One of the most powerful women singers of her time, she performed and recorded for years with Bill Grant of Oklahoma. They made several tours outside the US, and on one trip in the 1970s played at Belfast in a show presented by promoter and record-shop owner John McCourt. On that occasion they were supported by a version of the Sackville String Band, with Dermot O'Connor as mandolin player.

Much more on Delia Bell, together with YouTube recordings, is on Richard Thompson's obituary on Bluegrass Today. Thanks to Frank Robinson of Derry for this memory of John McCourt:

I MC'd a show for him which featured Doc and Chickie Williams and Bill Clifton and Red Rector. John lost money running those shows but he was a pioneer in promoting American old-time artists over here.

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