03 May 2018

Gary Ferguson in 'Songwriters in the Round', 15 July 2018

Thanks to singer/ songwriter Gary Gene Ferguson (USA) for news of an addition to the tour dates shown in the BIB post of 24 April. As announced there (and previously) he will be making his twelfth annual tour of Ireland, together with Colin Henry (dobro) and James Henry (banjo) from 5 July to 14 July, after which Colin and James return to Belfast.

Gary reports that he will follow this with a one-off gig in Dublin on Sunday 15 July at Paul Lee's DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2, in a 'Songwriters in the Round' evening together with Mary Greene, Hank Wedel, and Roy Thompson. Similar songwriters' evenings have been a familiar feature of Gary's previous tours.

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