02 February 2018

John Hartford's legacy continues

Richard Thompson contributes a major feature on Bluegrass Today about the late John Hartford (1937-2001) - most widely known as a banjo player, songwriter, and maker of several influential recordings, though these were only a fraction of his activities. A quotation on his website reads:

He had one foot deeply rooted in the past and the other always at least a few steps into the future - and both were dancing.

Richard Thompson draws particular attention to the reissue as a two-CD set of Hartford's complete Warner Bros recordings, plus eight previously unreleased tracks; AND the forthcoming publication this summer of John Hartford's mammoth collection of fiddle tunes: over 170 of his original tunes in his calligraphic notations, with much ancillary material.

Hartford was largely responsible for reviving knowledge of the music of the highly regarded old-time fiddler Ed Haley (1885-1951) of West Virginia, and this publication of his own fiddle music should be of great interest to fiddlers.

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