31 December 2017

Fellow Pynins coming to Ireland in July-Aug. 2018

Thanks to Dani Aubert of the American folk duo Fellow Pynins (above) from Ashland, OR, for the news that they are planning a tour in Ireland this coming July and August 2018, and are looking for concert opportunities. Dani and Ian Van Ornum tour as a duo with clawhammer banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, and guitar, as well as in their six-piece folk orchestra Patchy Sanders. Dani adds:

We thrive on playing listening-oriented venues and we also love to play house concerts. You can get to know the band here.

Their press kit includes videos and audio cuts from their latest album, Hunter & the hunted. Plenty of their work can also be heard on YouTube, both as a duo and with Patchy Sanders. They have also given workshops in harmony singing and songwriting at many festivals and other events. Contact Fellow Pynins for bookings by e-mail.

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