17 November 2017

'Grassicana' - a useful new word

Bluegrass Today, leading online bluegrass news medium, has formed an alliance with AirPlay Direct, the leading online radio distribution service for labels and independent artists. Details are on the websites of both Bluegrass Today and Airplay Direct. One fruit of their cooperation is a new chart for recordings of 'Grassicana', defined by them as follows:

... music that lies between the progressive sounds of bluegrass and the vast genre of Americana. While possessing a connection with bluegrass, it is defined as the 'branches', as opposed to the 'roots' of bluegrass. Typically played with acoustic instruments traditional to bluegrass, it may also include drums and other instrumentation not always associated with bluegrass. More than instrumentation however, it is the style in which the music is played that ultimately defines the new genre of Grassicana.

This unique new chart has been set up in response to requests from radio programmers, artists, and labels alike, so it clearly fills a long-felt want. It would, for instance, fit groups such as Avenhart, mentioned on the BIB on 22 Sept.

PS (18 Nov.): See Denis McCarthy's comment, below.

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At 10:39 am, Anonymous Denis McCarthy said...

It sounds like a perfect definition of hell.

At 11:26 am, Blogger Richard Hawkins said...

Well, Terry Herd (veteran broadcaster and co-founder/CEO of Bluegrass Today) is now (8 Dec.) quoted as saying: 'Grassicana™ doesn’t just fill a void, it is growing in popularity at such a pace that we’re already seeing fewer traditional-based bluegrass acts at bluegrass festivals.' The Last Days may be upon us...


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