18 October 2017

TuneFox: an impressive and growing learning aid for pickers

Thanks to Bennett Sullivan of Listen & Learn, Inc. for news of the latest development in an acclaimed high-tech learning aid for pickers.

The original Pocket Lick Banjo app for iPhones and iPads came out over three years ago, with an equivalent app available for guitar. The Pocket Lick Banjo 2, offering thirty-five new licks taken from banjo masters such as Earl Scruggs, Scott Vestal, and Noam Pikelny, was released in 2015. TuneFox, released late last year, added a new dimension of creative learning; the app became a free download, with access to a large library of songs and licks through a subscription method. Bennett writes:

In a nutshell: Tunefox is an original method for learning that teaches not only how to proficiently play your instrument but also inspires creative learning practices that help students develop way quicker than other online learning resources.

The latest version of TuneFox is also available for mandolin and guitar. All the stages in the development of Pocket Lick and TuneFox so far have received the warmest of welcomes on Bluegrass Today, where there are fuller details and illustrative video examples. The best way to grasp the possibilities is to visit Listen & Learn, Inc. and TuneFox online.

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