08 August 2017

Michael J. Miles and Greg Cahill together

Following on from the BIB post of 2 Aug., thanks to Michael J. Miles for these two poster images for shows associated with his 'Panorama' series in collaboration with Chicago Tribune columnist Rick Kogan.

Note that the 'American Car' show features fellow Chicagoan Greg Cahill of the Special Consensus. Greg and Michael both teach at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music; their collaborations over the years include the compilation First 50 songs you should play on banjo, published by Hal Leonard, for whom they have just finished a second book, Gold mine for the banjo, with fifty bluegrass lessons from Greg and fifty clawhammer lessons from Michael.

Any suggestions for dates on 1, 2, or 3 November for Michael's forthcoming tour will be welcome. He can be contacted by e-mail.

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