10 August 2017

Bigfoot (USA) to headline Gainsborough old-time festival, 9-11 Feb. 2018

Bigfoot: (l-r) John Herrmann, Cleek Schrey, Rhys Jones, Meredith McIntosh, Susie Goehring (photo: Mike Melnyk)

The FOAOTMAD news blog announces that at the next annual old-time music festival in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England (9-11 Feb. 2018), the headline band will be Bigfoot. More details TBA. Tim Rooke, festival organiser, adds:

The band are planning to stay in the UK for approximately one week after the festival with John and Meredith possibly staying longer. If anyone is interested and able to accommodate them with a booking can they please contact me by email at tim.rooke@btinternet.com.

No hint that they might come to Ireland, but we can hope...

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