17 April 2017

The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys for Ireland in 2018

Thanks to our good friend Jan Michielsen - guitarist with 4 Wheel Drive (NL/D/BE) and mandolinist with Blue Maxx (BE) - for this news:

Happy Easter to y’all! Just a short note to tell you guys that The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys [above] are scheduled to play a two-week tour in May 2018, and that John Nyhan will do the bookings.

They will not play on the Continent then, only Ireland and maybe UK. I plan on coming over to Ireland for a couple of their gigs.

For much more on The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys (from East Tennessee), see the BIB for 4 Feb. They have already made two European tours, are working on their second CD, and have impeccable credentials in hard-core bluegrass - including Jan's strong recommendation.

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