02 March 2017

Waiting for Earl

The BIB mentioned on 18 Feb. that Earl Scruggs: banjo icon, by Gordon Castelnero and David L. Russell, is scheduled for publication this month. Amazon.co.uk has just announced that the book will be released on 1 May, but can be pre-ordered at a guaranteed price of £32.15.

The publishers, Rowman & Littlefield, continue to announce that the book is being published this month, with a sterling price of £24.95 for both the hardback and e-book editions (the latter is marked as 'coming soon', so the hardback is presumably available). The BIB suggests that you contact your favourite bookshop and see what they can do.

Update 6 Mar.: See this major feature by Richard Thompson, including interviews with the authors (both banjo-players), on Bluegrass Today.

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