07 February 2017

News from Red Wine

We hear from our good friends in Red Wine (I) - shown above at their Eighth Red Wine Bluegrass Party in Genoa last November, with Shane Sullivan (third from left) of Athy, Co. Kildare, as an honoured guest - that they are compiling documentation related to the festivals and gigs that they've played in Italy/Europe through the years. Mandolinist and lead singer Martino Coppo explains that this is needed

... for the work visa that all non-USA band must get in order to be allowed to play in the US, especially in the light of what is happening in DC these days.

When a band submits the petition for the visa, besides the forms to be filled there is a requirement for material attesting the fact that the band is a
bona fide touring band, with experience, and not just a bunch of people trying to enter the US for shady reasons.... :-) So posters are fine, but press clips and reviews could be better. Not necessarily written in English, though a translation has to be provided for other languages (thanks for the translation too!).

Red Wine played twice at major festivals in Ireland last year alone - in June at Westport and September at Omagh - the most recent of a long string of appearances over here, so there should be an adequate paper trail for this purpose. Martino sends thanks in advance for any relevant material, which can be sent to him by e-mail.

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