13 January 2017

Special C. make a hot start in the cold snap - AND a new Dublin date

The BIB editor reports:

Despite snow showers, the Special Consensus last night drew their biggest Dublin audience to date, in the finest venue they have so far played in the Dublin region - the Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire - to begin their current tour of Ireland and Britain. The band were on top form, opening with 'Long I ride', the title track from their latest album. Everyone who was there will have favourite moments to remember: two of mine were the a cappella quartet 'Jesus is my rock (and I ain't gonna roll)' and the commemorative 'Monroe's doctrine'.

It was a great night - and there's more good news, especially for anyone in the Dublin area who missed it. Nigel Martyn and his Old Flattop agency have added a further date to the tour schedule (already described as a demanding one by Richard Thompson on Bluegrass Today). On Wednesday 1 February the Special C. will be playing in central Dublin, in the intimate setting of Paul Lee's DC Music Club at 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2. Doors open at 8.30 p.m.

NB: this is the time shown on the venue's own website. To avoid missing anything by the Special C., please check opening times in advance with the venues at whatever shows you're going to.

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