02 November 2016

Ear Trumpet sets the style

The BIB editor reports:

For anyone who heard the superlative old-time music played in Ireland this year by Old Drake, the Foghorn Stringband, and Betse & Clarke, part of the enjoyment will have come from the excellent sound quality at their shows. The fact that they all used the same distinctive-looking type of microphone is not a coincidence.

Ear Trumpet Labs, based (like the Foghorns) in Portland, OR, are forging a strong reputation with their hand-made microphones, which are being praised by notable performers in bluegrass and old-time music, both for stage and studio use. Prices range between $475 and $599 for most models, with special combinations ranging from $1050 to $1200. Hand-knit (!) windscreens, pop filters, and other accessories are also available.

Ear Trumpet have now brought out Nadine, a mic designed specially for upright basses, at $599. Yes, you guessed - it's named after Nadine Landry of the Foghorns. More details are given in this report on Bluegrass Today.

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