10 November 2015

BU: next year's festivals, and more

Following from the BIB post of last Friday: the Nov. 2015 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited does include a request to festival organisers for details of their events, to appear in BU's annual festival list; and the deadline for the Jan. 2016 issue was Monday last week (2 Nov.). That shouldn't deter anyone from sending in data, as BU publishes supplementary lists in the following months. The details needed are:
  • City [town, village] of event
  • State [county and country] of event
  • Name of event
  • Location (brief directions)
  • Name of one contact person
  • Postal address
  • Phone number, e-mail address, and website URL (one only of each)
This issue is rich in content: Derek Halsey's cover feature on Hot Rize can be read in full on the BU website (he gives their new album a Highlight review as well). And Chris Stuart reviews the book High lonesome below sea level (see the BIB for 28 Aug.), 'perhaps the most professionally made book I've ever reviewed', and goes on:

You may be asking, what does a book about bluegrass in the Netherlands have to do with me? I would answer: everything, because this is a book not just about Dutch people, but about all of us who live within the geography of music. And if that's too esoteric, I have another reason for you to buy this book: inspiration. This is a model for what might be possible in regional histories of bluegrass everywhere.

Read the whole review here.* Another piece of good news is that Dr Michael D. Doubler, who has already published Uncle Dave Macon: a photo tribute, is preparing a full biography of Uncle Dave which should be out about a year from now.

*Update 13 Nov.: The authors of High lonesome below sea level are now giving a Christmas Special offer of a free Red Herring CD with each copy of the book for the rest of this year, plus free shipping (even international)! Full details on their Facebook.

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