09 September 2015

Bill Andrews: update

The BIB publishes with deep regret the following news of one of the most dedicated supporters of bluegrass music in Ireland - Bill Andrews of Belfast. Bill and his wife Irene (who died nearly a year ago) attended every Athy festival up to 2012, as well as innumerable bluegrass events in this island before and since. Their daughter Barbara sends this message:

It is with regret I am writing to let you know Dad (Bill Andrews) was in hospital for two weeks and has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The hospital has estimated he will have weeks to months left. If anyone would like to contact him, his number is 028 90580495 and address is 38 Orangefield Crescent, Belfast BT6 9GH. Just coming up to the first anniversary of mum's death on the 29th September, it's made this extremely hard on myself and my daughter Megan. We lost my brother Bill three years ago and Dad is the last of my immediate family I have.

He has got quite confused since his two-week stay in hospital, and as much as the doctors and ourselves have explained the diagnosis to him, he still isn't aware of his illness. We didn't tell him the time span the doctor estimated either, we thought it was best that he didn't know.

Many people will want to take this opportunity of contacting Bill. It is clear that - in the circumstances described - this should be done as considerately as possible. The BIB joins with the wider bluegrass community in Ireland in extending every sympathy to Barbara and Megan.

Update 9 Sept.: Barbara can be contacted by 'phone (0785 121 9375) or e-mail.



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