30 June 2015

IBMA Momentum Awards: nominations needed

The IBMA invites nominations for its annual Momentum Awards. These were created to recognise 'artists and business people who are in the early years of their careers in bluegrass music'. This year's awards will be presented during World of Bluegrass week in Raleigh, NC, on 30 September. Nominations are needed for the following categories:

Instrumentalist (a total of three)
Industry achievement

All nominations should be sent in by e-mail by Friday 17 July; top nominees will be announced on 12 August. It's highly likely that, as in the past, all Momentum Awards will go to people on the US scene; but nominees from outside the US are certainly not excluded, so anyone in Ireland with IBMA membership is entitled to make nominations from among the scene here. We do have an up-and-coming generation, after all...

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