14 May 2015

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson, 2006 (photo: Dave Dry)

The FOAOTMAD news blog reports the sad news that Keith Johnson, founder of FOAOTMAD, the UK's association for old-time music, died on Saturday 2 May after a long illness. The report continues:

It was Keith who was the driving force behind the Gainsborough Festival and also the idea of regular fiddle and banjo workshops. He and his wife Brenda often provided festival accommodation for visiting American artists and their son Rob was the festival caterer for many years. His dedication to old-time music in the UK has left its mark on many of us. One thing for certain is that whether you knew Keith or not, without him you would not be reading this blog. He will be sorely missed.

An American source draws attention to Keith Johnson's initiative in bringing West Virginia clawhammer-banjo apostle Dwight Diller to give workshops in England, and the way this raised the standard of playing there.

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