07 January 2015

'Bluegrass in Ireland' reaches out

The 'Bluegrass in Ireland' Facebook page is developing the proactive side of its role on the scene in Ireland. Wendy Connolly, its new editor, asked readers yesterday morning:

Are you on this page because you want to PROMOTE your bluegrass band/act? LEARN more about Bluegrass/Americana music and how to play it? Or find places to LISTEN to this music? Just answer with the words that apply to you: PROMOTE, LEARN, LISTEN. In order of importance would be helpful! There are no right or wrong answers, just a chance for some feedback from you to me.

Thirty readers have responded just in the course of the last 24 hours, representing all combinations of the three activities.

Special messages have also come from JigJam, who are looking for contacts with festivals, venues, and other opportunities to perform; and from Barry's in Grange, Co. Sligo, an established venue on the circuit for the past twelve years, who draw attention to the show there by Special Consensus in concert a week today (Wed. 14 Jan.).

Update 11 Jan.: Wendy Connolly reviewed JigJam's new album, Oh, boy! in 'Bluegrass in Ireland' on 9 Jan.

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