02 December 2014

News from Brookfield Knights

Loudon Temple of the UK's Brookfield Knights agency sends this news:

We are very pleased to announce that The Mountain Firework Company - one of our all-time favourite bands (and with roots in Ireland) - will be embarking on their first ever tour in your neck of the woods in October next year.

We took the band over to USA earlier this year and they ended up being one of the biggest hits at the huge Folk Alliance International event in Kansas City. Last month they were invited to headline a concert in Bremen which was broadcast live on German national radio. They have triumphed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Celtic Connections, and Shetland Folk Festival; yet so far, they have not played Ireland, despite the fact that singer-songwriter and powerful frontman Gareth McGahan and drummer Grant Allardyce are Belfast-born.

As a result of the exposure, they have sold large quantities of their last album, The lonesome losing blues, and now have many fans all over Ireland, each of whom wants to know when they will be planning 'live' dates. Here is recently filmed footage of the band performing the title track from the album live.

Tour dates are Sunday 18 Oct. to Sunday 27 Oct. Please let me know if you would like to grab a date.

Loudon quotes from this review in Time Out magazine: 'Rich, bristling bluegrass melodies and instrumentation with a bruised modern heart'. Their original song 'Sometimes' (listen here on YouTube) would go well in bluegrass style.
Loudon also announces that the highly regarded US singer/songwriter Greg Trooper, who was here for a brief tour in late October, has had his 2015 tour dates for these islands re-scheduled to 13-27 September; so

Please let us know if you want to grab a slot for your programming and let us know which dates you'd prefer to help us plan some sensible routing.

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At 1:49 am, Blogger Orla Crotty said...

I would definitely love to see these guys in October in Dublin. Hope it happens!


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