10 December 2014

Coming in 2015?

Thanks to Al Evers of A Train Entertainment in Oakland, California, for the news that he and the legendary Peter Rowan are planning a tour on this side of the Atlantic for August/ September 2015, and opportunities to perform at festivals and other events will be welcome.

For bookings or further info, Al can be contacted by e-mail.

Peter has had two new albums released this year: Dharma blues (on the Omnivore label; see the two reviews reproduced here) and Twang an' groove, vol. 1 (on Al's label). Both of them illustrate his continued wide-ranging creative power, vocal and instrumental mastery, and ability to bring the best out of accompanying artists.

Loudon Temple of the UK's Brookfield Knights agency sends word that 'the new kings of old-time', Sheesham & Lotus & 'Son (CAN), will be available for dates on two separate occasions in 2015, as they have been confirmed for a big festival appearance in England on 4/5 July AND have been invited back by popular demand to the T√łnder Festival in Denmark at the end of August. They will therefore be potentially available in these islands from 6 July to 12 July and from 1 September 1 to 13 September.

Sheesham & Lotus & 'Son have received very enthusiastic reviews for their live shows, and video clips of them can be seen on their website. For further info and bookings, contact Brookfield Knights.
Finally, thanks to Stefan Behler of the Swiss trio Mala & Fyrmoon (left) for the news that they are keen to play at a festival in Ireland. Stefan (who can be contacted by e-mail) writes:

We are a trio, 100% own material, great vocals by female singer/fiddler Mala, harmonies by her two bandmates on bass and guitar. Our music style is in-between acoustic Americana and bluegrass. We have just released our first album; this summer we did a short US tour, playing venues in Boston, New York (with Vincent Cross [see the BIB for 6 June]), and at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival... We believe that festival audiences would love our music. We got so many nice feedbacks over the years.

As well as their website, the band are on Facebook and SoundCloud. Stefan also sends the following links to videos of their CD title track, the making of the CD, and live shows on tour, in Sweden, at the Little Restaurant, and at Grey Fox.

The BIB editor also confesses that when he saw this band in Switzerland three years ago, he wanted to be their banjo player - although their repertoire is much less old-fashioned than his.

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