15 November 2014

Old-time at the Glenside resumes, 19 Nov. 2014

Cathal Cusack (guitar), Tim Hawkins (fiddle), and Richard Hawkins (banjo) are glad to announce that their plan to play old-time music on the third Wednesday of every month, upstairs at the Glenside, Landscape Road, Churchtown, Dublin 14, will resume on 19 November 2014.

October's session was prevented by the pressure of other commitments on Cathal, who now says he intends to 'be there hell or high water'. Well, the nearby Dodder river had plenty of high water in the past week, but it didn't rise to the Glenside; and few old-time musicians seem to be bothered by hell... However, suitable libations will be made to Helen Highwater, revered by the US band of that name as 'the tough, whimsical goddess of string band music'.

For the format of the session, see the BIB of 20 Aug., where a list of tunes is given.

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