18 November 2014

Ernie Evans - recovering from surgery

Just over five years ago (21 October 2009) the BIB carried news of Ernie and Debi Evans (photo), who were then about to launch a new radio show, 'Good morning Europe', over the internet. This followed their discovery at IBMA's World of Bluegrass how numerous, dedicated, and talented European bluegrass enthusiasts can be. Ernie and Debi are stalwarts of the bluegrass scene in Florida, playing in the Florida State Bluegrass Band, active in the North Florida Bluegrass Association, organising festivals, and running the Evans Bluegrass Journal blog.

Bluegrass Today reports that Ernie underwent major surgery yesterday for a potentially life-threatening condition. The good news is that the surgery was successful, and Ernie - though in pain - is recovering, waiting for the next medical steps, and appreciating the messages that he and Debi have received. Debi writes on Bluegrass Today:

Ernie wants everyone to know that regardless of what the lab results say on Friday, he is full steam ahead and intends to get back on track recording, producing shows, touring, and radio. I may need help holding him down this week so he gets the rest he needs to allow himself to heal.



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