06 October 2014

Squirrel to join IBMA board?

In last week's highly successful IBMA World of Bluegrass, held for the second year in Raleigh, NC, the artwork of Raleigh artist Tim Lee was a prominent feature: he created the poster images for the component parts of the event, and also gave it as a logo Ramble, the Lonesome Squirrel (left), whose image (we gather) was all over the city. More of Tim Lee's artwork can be seen on Facebook.

You can now see on Bluegrass Today a special video feature on Ramble. This was compiled by John Goad and Daniel Mullins from interviews with WOB participants including Jim Lauderdale and the Gibson Brothers, who supply a musical coda in Ramble's honour. What the late Jimmy Martin might have said is best left to the imagination.

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