31 October 2014

KingBlue take the stage, 1 Nov. 2014

The poster image shows KingBlue members (l-r) Mel Corry, Caolan 'Chief' Derby, Clem O'Brien, Sean McKerr

A reminder that the eagerly awaited debut appearance of KingBlue will be at the Pikers Lodge Hotel, Lough Gowna, Co. Cavan, tomorrow (Sat. 1 Nov.), starting at 9.30 p.m.

This is a milestone in the history of bluegrass in Ireland - the inaugural show by a group with three members who have played in US/US-led bands: Clem O'Brien in Special Consensus, led by Greg Cahill; Mel Corry in Back Roads, led by Buddy Merriam; and Sean McKerr in the International Bluegrass Band, led by Butch Robins.

If you'd like to be part of a historic event, note that the Pikers Lodge is a 21-bedroom hotel - the Lough Gowna area draws many visiting anglers.

Update 2 Nov.: A whiff of the evening comes through on two videos, now on KingBlue's Facebook page: 'You won't be satisfied that way' and 'Panhandle rag'.

2nd update: An album of fine photos from the evening, shot by Michael Barbour, can be viewed here.

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