16 September 2014

The scene is heating up!

The BIB editor reports:

Recently I've been telling inquirers that the bluegrass scene in Ireland seems to be coming along nicely, with new young bands being formed, and so on. It appears that I seriously understated the situation.

Thanks, therefore, to Ray O'Brien and his invaluable Bluegrass in Ireland Facebook page for three pieces of news just in today. To take them in the order in which Ray published them:

(1) Count Me In will be playing at the Fire Station, Holywood, Co. Down, on Friday 19 Sept. from 8.30 p.m., as a further part of Belfast Culture Night. Don't form the wrong impression from the 'milling crowd' image at the head of their Facebook page; in action, this is a solid and powerful band that unites a wide range of talents.

(2) The Corner Boys, from the band-prolific Sligo area, describe themselves as a six-piece acoustic band playing bluegrass, country, blues, and original music. They consist of Gerry Grennan (dobro, vocals), Brian Mulligan (bass, vocals), Brendan Emmett (mandolin, vocals), Joe Hanley (lead guitar), JB (guitar, vocals), and Vinny Casey (drums). Yes, drums; this doesn't prevent them from looking and sounding the right stuff. A neat promotional video of them doing 'Nine pound hammer' can be seen on Ray's Facebook.

(3) The Chancery Inn, on the corner of Inns Quay and Charles St. West, Dublin 7, will host a Texas Swing and Bluegrass night every Wednesday from 9.00 p.m. Admission is free. A video from the Chancery Inn's own YouTube channel, filmed at last week's session, shows Marko Gavic (USA) on lead guitar, John Denby on mandolin, and Niall of Well Enough Alone on bass, knocking out 'Beaumont rag' to an enthusiastic crowd.

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