20 September 2014

Banjo Babes 2015 calendar/CD - deadline imminent

Thanks to John Lawless of Bluegrass Today for the news that the deadline for entries for the Banjo Babes 2015 calendar is now less than a week away - 26 Sept. 2014. The Calendar's Facebook page says:

Applications due September 26th! Be a part of the world's most comprehensive annual anthology of lady banjo artists! And have a little fun with us. All are welcome! Open to all professional/semi-professional lady banjo artists - all ages (18+), banjo styles, nations, etc. welcome!

For aspiring participants - an application form is here. The calendar is accompanied by a CD. The image above shows the 2014 calendar; the BIB mentioned the original project on 11 Aug. 2013.

We also drew attention a few days later to the original Bluegrass Banjo Babe, Roni Stoneman, who would certainly be eligible and (we suspect) not averse to the 'little fun' aspect of the project. At any rate, here's a new version of the flyer for Roni's latest release, as announced on the BIB a week ago. Her new single 'The day the banjo dies' came out on Tuesday 16 September.

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