16 August 2014

Old-time music at the Glenside, 20 Aug. 2014

The 'Three Rock Mountain String Ensemble' on the open mic stage at Omagh, Sat. 1 Sept. 2012 (photo: Des Butler)

The BIB editor announces:

For anyone who's been to the weekly Old Time Music Dublin session at the Thomas House next Monday and still needs a hair of the dog 48 hours later - Cathal Cusack (guitar), Tim Hawkins (fiddle), and Richard Hawkins (banjo) will be playing upstairs at the Glenside, Landscape Road, Churchtown, Dublin 14, on Wednesday 20 August from about 8.30 to 10.30 p.m. We plan to do likewise on the third Wednesday of every month.

NB: (1) This is not a performance or gig (the photo above shows one of our rare public appearances). We've always enjoyed playing this music informally in private. Thanks to the Glenside, we can now play it (equally informally) where others who like old-time music can hear it if they wish.

(2) This is not an open jam. We'll be working through the titles on the following lists, usually by playing e.g. all the D tunes, then all the G tunes, etc.; not all will get played in any one evening! Pickers who know any of the tunes may like to try fitting in on them. From time to time tunes may be added to the lists - or dropped.

D tunes
Angeline the baker
Duck River
Ducks on the millpond
Over the waterfall
Polly put the kettle on
Soldier’s joy
Swannanoa waltz
Western country/ Old Susanannah

G tunes
Cotton-eyed Joe (Rayna Gellert version)
Flat Woods
Fly around my pretty little miss
Indian nation
Lazy John
Sail away ladies
Squirrel Hunters
Tombigbee waltz
Turkey in the straw

A tunes
Bill Cheatham
Billy Wilson
Buffalo gals
McLeod's reel
My own house (waltz)
Rabbit, where's your mammy (2 pt)
Sandy boys
Pretty little gal (Illinois tune)
Sugar in the gourd
Wolves a-howling

'A modal' tunes
Betsy Likens
Cold frosty morning
Kitchen girl
Santa Anna's retreat
Shady Grove

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