18 August 2014

More from Brookfield Knights

Another in the endless line of critically acclaimed new acoustic string bands that the States are producing and Brookfield Knights are bringing over: Betty and the Boy from Eugene, Oregon, are due to be in these islands for the whole of September 2015. Betty and the Boy (website and Facebook) consist of Josh Harvey (mandolin, banjo, harmonica, vocals), Bettreena Jaeger (guitar, vocals), Jon Conlon (upright bass), Michelle Whitlock (violin), and Nanci McDonald (cello).

They identify themselves as 'folk/minimalist/acoustic'; others use such words as 'folk/classical' and 'baroque pop'. There's no discernible link to bluegrass or old-time here, but many videos of them are on YouTube and two audio samples are on the Brookfield Knights web page for event organisers and venue owners who are looking for this kind of band.

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