18 July 2014

Ulster news: two festivals, two concerts, plenty of bluegrass

Thanks to Sharon Loughrin of the Red Room, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, for this news:

This coming Tuesday, 22 July, the Count Me In bluegrass band [above] will be playing at Jonny the Jug in Holywood, Co. Down, at 9 o'clock.

The Count Me Ins are then on stage at the Cairncastle Ulster Scots Festival on Wednesday 23rd; also appearing are Colin Henry and Janet Holmes, also the Down And Out Bluegrass Band [see the BIB for 2 July 2014].

On the same night [23 July], the two Gary Fergusons will be at the Red Room, all welcome as usual!

Details are now on the web for the Maiden City Festival, Londonderry. Saturday 2 August is of most interest, with the usual 'Bluegrass on the Walls' sessions at various places in the city. There is also a Saturday evening concert with Cup o' Joe, No Oil Paintings, and Noriana Kennedy. Sunday afternoon also has a bluegrass brunch session, so lots to hear over the weekend.

Full details of the Bluegrass Weekend section of the Maiden City Festival can be seen here in downloadable form. 'Bluegrass on the Walls' presents the Tennessee Hennessees, the Down and Outs, Wookalily, Count Me In, the Broken String Band (with John Fitzpatrick on fiddle), and the Murder Balladeers. The lineup for the 'Youngtime Bluegrass' evening concert in the Craft Village is as given by Sharon above. The Bluegrass Brunch on Sunday presents Janet Holmes and Colin Henry, Wookalily, White Mansions, and the Murder Balladeers in the Craft Village.

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