28 July 2014

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys - plus detached notes

Thanks to Loudon Temple of the UK's Brookfield Knights agency for the news that Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys (above) from Michigan, USA, will be available for bookings in these islands from 17 July to 16 August 2015.

The text of his release about the band can be seen on their page of the BK website. In the last five years they have released two albums - A different tune (2010) and Release your shrouds (2012) - and a four-song EP, Here between (2014), with a further album in preparation. They will also be part of this year's 6th Bluegrass Jamboree!, Rainer Zellner's 'touring bluegrass festival' package, which will play throughout Germany for three weeks in Nov.-Dec. 2014.

Audio tracks from the band's existing recordings can be heard on their website, and Loudon also recommends these YouTube videos: 'The fix' and 'The power'. These skilfully composed and textured pieces give an impression of a cool, 'chamber bluegrass' approach; however, Loudon also emphasises that

... they have built a huge reputation as one of the hottest 'live' bands on the American circuit... There is something for everyone in the live performances - real passionate affairs that stir the blood and exhilarate... The 'live' show is something like an unstoppable train!

Event organisers and promoters should contact the agency for a share in next year's tour by Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys.
Thanks to Adam Butler of the ArtistWorks Academy of Bluegrass (the premier online instructional medium for all the bluegrass instruments) for the news that the Academy now has a new online address.

Adam writes that the old address will still redirect to the new location, but the Academy will be assisted if anyone with a link to its website would change to the new address. The BIB is happy to do so, and we've made the change; the Academy link in our right-hand column now leads to the new address.
Rachael Hardiman of the Athy area has left her comments on this year's Athy bluegrass festival at the end of the BIB post of 8 April 2014, and they're well worth reading right to the final words: 'Tony O'Brien you're brilliant... well done!'

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