13 July 2014

Gear needed for US band at Dunmore East 2014

Aran Sheehan of Dublin Bluegrass sends this appeal to the community:

... regarding some equipment that we need for the Boxcar Preachers (USA) in Dunmore East [the Guinness International Bluegrass Festival at Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, 21-24 Aug.], this year.

Looking for an amp - not a terrible one, but a good Peavy 112 or the like and a volume pedal for lend or rent for the visiting bluegrass band's pedal steel (20-27 August).

Also if by some slim chance someone has a pedal steel (GFI, Ultra, or similar, as pictured) that would be amazing, as it's tricky getting that over from the US.

Anyone who can help should contact Aran by mobile (085-7110826), land line (01-6584615), e-mail, or Facebook.

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