04 February 2014

Helping PineCone - the second round!

See the BIB for 22 January if you need the background to this saga. Now read on:

PineCone (the Piedmont Council of Traditional Music, which brings many fine musicians from North Carolina to the annual Appalachian and Bluegrass Music Festival in the Ulster American Folk Park at Omagh, Co. Tyrone) needs our support - and just a click of the mouse is all it costs us.

PineCone is among the NC non-profit organisations that are in the running to receive a 'technology makeover'. The two organisations with the highest number of votes will receive new office and network equipment worth a combined value of $35,000 from Milner, Inc.

The clicks we gave in January helped to bring PineCone through to the second and final round of voting. We can now keep backing PineCone by voting for it - just once in 24 hours, but this can be done every day from now up to and including Sunday 16 Feb. We can also help by spreading the word, and by Liking and sharing the voting site on Facebook, Twitter, and favourite social media sites.

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