12 January 2014

Sandra Venn Ramdhanie

Niall Toner sends the sad news of the death of Sandra Venn Ramdhanie, whom many will remember as a vivacious member of the Sackville String Band circle and girlfriend of Imor Byrne (half of the band's fiddle duo in 1976-7). The funeral service was held at 11.00 a.m. today in Marbella, Spain. Niall writes:

I understand that she died as a result of pneumonia which began to develop only recently, in fact about two weeks ago. She had been living in Spain, and we had lost touch to some extent. However, she did e-mail me after spotting that photo of an early Sackville lineup, which included Imor.

One of Sandra's great talents, and there were many, was that she could do great vocal impressions of all the bluegrass instruments by making a 'gling' sound with her mouth, a bit like lilting. She often performed her versions of 'Salt Creek' and 'Bill Cheatum' after our shows in the Stag's Head and/or Tailors' Hall. I had always intended to get her to record such a track for me but, sadly, never got around to it.

Sandra is survived by her brother Richard, her sister Karla, her daughter Tanith, and her son Tanin. She was also a member of the Irish Witches' Circle, based at Clonegal Castle, just up the road from here.

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