25 October 2013

Country music history portrayed during Ireland Immersion Weekend in Tennessee

Thanks to GoodStuff PR for the news that Ireland Immersion Weekend (15-17 Nov. 2013), presented by the Irish Gift organisation in Brentwood, Tennessee, will feature 'a full spectrum of Irish culture for those interested in immersing themselves in what Ireland has to offer', including

music, dance, Gaelic language instruction, authentic food and drink flown in from Ireland, along with demonstrations on how to prepare the meals yourself, lessons on how to play traditional Irish instruments and dance, Conamara ponies...

And there will be a production of The mockingbird sings, 'a play with music about the birth of country music', portraying historic and fictional characters in the setting of the Bristol Sessions of 1927. Read the full details here.

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At 1:51 am, Blogger Eilis Crean said...

Promises to be an amazing weekend!


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