26 July 2013

Banjos and players wanted at Ulster American Folk Park, 3 Aug. 2013

Derek Lockhart of Dangem Bluegrass sends this appeal:

We would like your help to set up a photo shoot at approx. 10.00 a.m. on Saturday 3 August at the Ulster American Folk Park [Omagh, Co. Tyrone]. This will be used as part of the promotion for the upcoming 22nd Annual Bluegrass Festival (30 Aug.-1 Sept.).

We need at least 15 five-string banjo owners and their banjos. Ideally the Folk Park want to try and get a mix of men, women, young and not-so-young as well as boys and girls, all with their banjos in the photograph. To add to the photo shoot, if you could dress in checked shirts, denims, and even denim bib and braces, that would be cool.

If you could please, please help me out on this, I would be very grateful. Call and leave your name, if you can attend, on 07521 464125; or e-mail me with your name. Let’s get a great turnout for the people at the Ulster American Folk Park.

By the way, don't worry if you can't play very well; it is just a photo shoot!

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