10 June 2013

A classic night at the Cabin Sessions

Thanks to Kevin Cray and Catherine Simpson for these photos, taken at the Cabin Sessions in Uncle Tom's Cabin, Dundrum, Dublin, on 30 May.

Extra special guest one-of-a-kind Roni Stoneman takes one of her in-your-face banjo breaks, backed by the BIB editor (banjo), Gerry Fitzpatrick (guitar), and Con Butler (bass)

Huegrass (Catherine Simpson on mandolin)

The finale, led by Kevin 'Spats' Davenport

Thanks also to Gerry Fitzpatrick for (among many other things) this link to his original tune 'Roni's visit to Dublin', composed in honour of the weekend 30 May-2 June. Recorded by Gerry on dobro (and accessible also on the Cabin Sessions Facebook page), it works well on all the bluegrass instruments.

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