27 May 2013

Scottish Autoharp Weekend, 9-11 Aug. 2013

Sharon Loughrin, as Northern Ireland representative of the British Bluegrass Music Association, forwards this news of the 2013 Scottish Autoharp Weekend (9-11 August), which includes a special Irish dimension.

The Weekend will be held at Moniaive, Dumfriesshire, location of the annual Moniaive Michaelmas Bluegrass Festival, which regularly features bands from Ireland. Nadine White of UK Autoharps announces:

 Although the autoharp is not one of the usual bluegrass instruments, given the history of the autoharp in old-time country music and with such seminal recordings as those of the Carter Family and the Stonemans, the autoharp has always been linked to this genre. This year, two of the workshop leaders and performers in the Saturday night concert would be of special interest to the bluegrass community:

· Bob Fish from Wales (With a huge professional background as a singer and performer, Bob is singing and writing songs in the bluegrass genre. He's appearing on his own at the Autoharp Weekend, but can be seen elsewhere performing as half of the bluegrass and country duo 'White Doves')

· Maeve Toner from Dublin (Younger sister of Niall Toner, Maeve has an authoritative and distinctive style with old-time and quirky songs).

Maeve launched her CD Just for the record in Dublin a month ago, and her report on the 2012 Scottish Autoharp Weekend appeared on the BIB for 15 Aug. 2012. A major article by Nadine White, 'Maeve Toner: Dublin's queen of quirky and wonderful songs with the autoharp' can be read here.

More information on the Scottish Autoharp Weekend, including booking and accommodation details, is on the UK Autoharps website. Click on the link to 'Future events' and follow links to 'Scottish Autoharp Weekend'.

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