03 February 2013

More from Memory Lane

Following on from the BIB posts in May and June last year, with historic photos taken during Doc Watson's concert in Dublin in 1981, we thank Eamonn Quigley for this photo which was used in promoting the concert, a poster for which is visible in the upper right-hand corner.

The photo shows the artists supporting Doc, his son Merle, and T. Michael Coleman at the concert: at rear, Maeve Toner, and in front the Sackville String Band (Mk V?) - left to right, Colin Beggan, Jimmy Kelly, Bill Whelan, Niall Toner.

We took this opportunity to check on the outcome of a related event mentioned on the BIB last autumn: the sale, by auction at Christie's of New York in November, of Doc's Gallagher guitar 'Ol' Hoss'. The estimate of what it would fetch was set in advance at $6,000-$8,000. This seemed at the time unduly cautious, and so it turned out; 'Ol' Hoss' sold for $40,000. The report is here.

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