01 February 2013

A little further down Memory Lane

The BIB editor reports:

Thanks to educator, author, and journalist Brian Trench for this publicity photo for the House of David Jug Band, of which we were both members in 1965-6. The band took its name from 'House of David blues' (recorded in 1957 by the McGee Brothers and Arthur Smith, released in 1964 on Folkways FW 2379, and now available on CD from Smithsonian Folkways); its appearances included the 'Late late show' and concerts at Liberty Hall, Dublin, and the Whitla Hall, Belfast.

The photo, taken outside 28 Waterloo Road, Dublin, where Brian had the basement flat, shows (l-r) Jake Harries (vocals, long-neck 5-string, autoharp), Brian Trench (vocals, washboard - an inspired performer), Trevor Crozier (vocals, guitar, harmonica, kazoo), Patricia ('Montana') Bryson (vocals, whistles), and your editor (Jedson 6006 'Symphonic' 5-string, and headstands). Apologies to our colleague in the foreground playing the jug, who has to remain unidentified for the present.

All of us were interested in different forms of music; the jug band was where our circles overlapped. Trevor (d. 1995) went on to become one of the leading songwriters in Scrumpy & Western Music and recorded with various groups in this genre, in medieval music, and in English, Breton, and other traditions.

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At 6:27 pm, Blogger The Blue Light Smugglers said...

Fascinating to see this pic and bizarre as I know Brian and Richard from entirely different fields - Richard from his banjo-playing and excellent blogging, and Brian from his 'educator' role in DCU. But he never taught me any washboard, sad to say!!!

At 10:09 pm, Blogger Laurent Quevilly said...

Hi Richard,
I'm making a website about Trevor. http://trevor-crozier.monsite-orange.fr/
If your have some souvenirs of him, contact me by the site. Thanks


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