07 January 2013

Locust Honey String Band - here next autumn?

Thanks to the Brookfield Knights agency in Britain - whose press releases are increasingly bringing the reality of austerity home to us - for the news that the Locust Honey String Band (USA) - more of the 'daughters of Uncle Earl' - are making a big impression on the old-time scene, with the release of their CD He ain't no good late last year. Brookfield Knights add, for the benefit especially of radio presenters:

We have a chance to bring them into the UK for the first time in late October/early November and we are currently awaiting delivery of a fresh batch of promo CDs to get them into the hands of regional/local press to further enhance their profile over here. Please let us know if you have a slot and would like to include them in programming.

Locust Honey consists of Chloe Edmonstone (fiddle, guitar, vocals) from North Georgia, Ariel Dixon (banjo, guitar, vocals), from North Carolina, and Meredith Watson (guitar, slide guitar, banjo, vocals) from Boston, Massachusetts. You can see and hear them playing 'Trouble in mind' in a pleasing informal video on YouTube.

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