19 December 2012

Mollie O'Brien and Rich Moore in Britain and Ireland, Oct. 2013

Loudon Temple of the UK Brookfield Knights agency announces to promoters and event organisers in these islands:

Hi, folks - we are delighted to announce that we will have the wonderful Mollie O'Brien (Tim O'Brien's hugely talented sister) and her playing companion and husband, Rich Moore, on tour in the UK and Ireland in October, 2013 (full month).

As this is a lady with a helluva pedigree, we are anticipating healthy demand. We will of course provide all local assistance you require in terms of posters and flyers and contacting local media (print and radio) with CDs and strong press releases - just as we always do as solid back-up tour support - via our sister operation, Bloodygreatpr.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could indicate one or two available dates to allow for some flexibility when we come to look at sensible routing, given this is potentially a full month of dates spread over such a wide geographic area. Many thanks in anticipation. I look forward to hearing from you.

May we take this opportunity to wish you and your team the very best for the coming Festive Season and beyond. Many thanks for continued support,

Brookfield Knights
Tel. +44 (0)1505 706346; mob. 07831 878013

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