11 November 2012

Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys to take a break

Uri Kohen, organiser of the annual Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival in Co. Mayo, sends the sad news that the Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys (GB) - who, as well as being one of the leading bands in England, topped the bill at this year's Westport festival - have announced that for the time being, at least, they are to cease playing together. The statement published today on their blog includes these words:

The decision comes as the band finishes their seventh year playing their own brand of UK bluegrass. Many miles have been travelled, many gigs have been played; they still are, and will remain, great friends who have achieved a great deal together. With other commitments increasingly hindering valuable band time, it has been decided that the band needs a break.

... The band wish to pass on their thanks to all the friends and followers they have throughout the UK, and beyond, and for all the support they have been given since their first concert together in 2005.

The band's website will continue, and Thunderbridge Promotions will continue to support bluegrass in their part of the West Country. Their final show together will be on 8 December; full details are on the Thunderbridge blog. Sixty photographs taken during the Westport 2012 festival are on the 'Gallery' section of their website.

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