06 November 2012

Banjo history from Bill Evans

Thanks to Cathal Cusack for sending this link to a video on the Fretboard Journal website, made by Bill Evans (USA). The 15-minute video is based on Bill's full-length 'The banjo in America' presentation, which shows the development of the instrument from gourd-and-stick to electric, and its playing styles from West African prototypes to present-day post-bluegrass.

The video was also published on Bluegrass Today on 1 November, from which the above photo is taken. It shows (l-r) Bill Keith, Alan Munde, and Bill Evans, all of them looking good for a further fifty years or more.

Bill Evans has played in Ireland (too briefly) with master fiddler Megan Lynch. After the success of Michael Miles's show on banjo history at this year's Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival, it would be good to see Bill's show over here as well.

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