06 November 2012

Another treat for banjo players

The BIB editor reports:

Last week, thanks to Mel Corry, the BIB featured a YouTube video in which Sammy Shelor gave his explanation of 'drive', how to achieve it, and how this is done in the Lonesome River Band.

Looking at it again today, I decided to look at another video from the right-hand column, showing Jim Mills playing the hymn 'How great thou art'. This can be strongly recommended as an example of how to play a powerful banjo solo on a slow song; as an example of use of tone and dynamics, both as they come out of the banjo and as they come through the microphone; and, above all, as simple enjoyment - I can't recall when I last laughed as much from the sheer pleasure of listening to banjo playing. Back to the woodshed!

I also recommend this video, in which Jim Mills and friends play 'Sally Gooden' (sic), and have a good time doing it. A minor point of interest is that Dick Bowden (playing rhythm guitar on both videos) uses a flat pick on 'How great thou art', and thumb-and-finger style on 'Sally Gooden'.

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