10 September 2012

The Porchlight sessions about to launch

Back in April the BIB carried news of a new documentary film on bluegrass, The Porchlight Sessions, directed by Anna Schwaber, which was then aiming to raise $60,000 before the 1 May deadline - and did so.

The latest project update announces that the film is in the final stages of technical assembly (for the technically minded, terms such as 'conforming', 'colour timing', and 'monitoring the post-sound mix' are being used), and licensing/copyright is being tidied up. The important news is that the film will be launched later this month, with the world premiere on 21 September, and (of course) major events in Tennessee during IBMA's World of Bluegrass week (24-30 Sept.).

More details are on the project's website and Facebook, and you can also follow its blog. As a bonus: by doing so we found this YouTube link to a playlist of twenty-eight clips of the Dillards on the Andy Griffith show.

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