27 August 2012

Bluegrass California style

The West Nile Ramblers

Uri Kohen reports from Westport, Co. Mayo:

When Lauren Norton left Bray, Co. Wicklow, to become a teacher in the States, little did she know that one day she would be back in Ireland as a leading singer with two bands.

The West Nile Ramblers and Souterrain are sharing some of their members, so it felt right for them to tour Ireland together. With a little help from some friends they managed to get a few gigs, but winning a band competition in a folk festival in Donegal opened the doors for them for a full-on monthly tour. When they arrived to Westport on Friday night (24 Aug.) they were at the end of the tour and after two gigs that day.

First the West Nile Ramblers took to the stage playing some old-time fiddle tunes with their own unique interpretation. Lauren then joined them as a backing vocalist, and shortly after that herself and David played some jazz classics in new arrangements alongside Lauren's own songs; it got very lively when Andy [Lentz] joined them on fiddle and took it old-time style again. After the break they all joined together for another hour of swing, bluegrass, and everything else that was thrown into the mix. A great show and a great night for the packed house in McGing's pub.

Souterrain with Andy Lentz on fiddle

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