12 July 2012

Perch Creek Family Jug Band in Ireland, Aug. 2012

Thanks to Joachim 'Johnny' Hanke, owner of the German off label records, for more information on the Perch Creek Family Jug Band (above), who were mentioned in our recent post on the coming Maiden City Festival in Derry. They also made the latest 7" vinyl record issued by the company.

Johnny sends this YouTube link to a video of the PCFJB performing 'Roll in my sweet baby's arms'; it looks as if the Maiden City (and other locations in Ireland; see below) can expect a hot time from them. The band's bio states:

Featuring Australia’s top one-legged saw player, Who magazine’s ‘most handsome jug player’, and more (equally notable) siblings than you can count, the Perch Creek Family Jugband sing and dance their unique blend of original and traditional repertoire, roving from bluegrass, old-time jazz, and country blues to whatever else they may just happen to fancy. The PCFJB’s signature sound consists of tight five-part vocal harmonies soaring over the down-home sounds of the 5-string banjo, washboard, jug, double-bass, harmonicas, saw, trombone, kazoo, ukulele, guitar, melodica and tap-dancing.

They are listed as Camilla Hodgkins (Riviera keyboard, frailing 5-string banjo, melodica, vocals), 'Ladies Love' Lear Hodgkins (washboard, jug, drums, vocals), Eileen Hodgkins (guitar, clarinet, ukulele, tap dancing, vocals), 'Crispy Hot Chickens' (Christi Hodgkins) (harmonica, kazoo, trombone, saw, vocals), and 'Bigfoot' Jimmy Chandler (bass fiddle, vocals).

On the current tour, the Perch Creek Family Jug Band have already played in Denmark, are about to play in Germany, and will be playing in Britain before and after their shows in Ireland, which as well as the Derry festival include

Wed. 1st Aug.: Hole in the Wall, Kilkenny city [update (28 July): not Whelan's, Dublin, as originally announced]]
Thurs. 2nd: Grand Social, Dublin
Fri. 3rd: Pub, Bangor (sic)

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