10 June 2012

Your memories of Doc

Since the death of Doc Watson on 29 May, the BIB has published several personal memories of his impact on our lives - notably focusing on the concert in Dublin in 1981. Thanks, then, to Kevin Lynch of the European Bluegrass Blog for news of an IBMA initiative that welcomes such memories for prospective publication in the July issue of the IBMA's online periodical, International Bluegrass. Kevin writes:

This invitation comes to you from author Caroline Wright, on behalf of the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA). Music fans in Europe are invited to submit a personal Doc Watson story. It can be your own experience, your thoughts about Doc, his influence on your life... all memories and photos will be welcomed. You may write as little as 100 words or less - but more is certainly welcomed.

Caroline writes: 'I hope to include comments from people who are thousands of miles away from him [Doc], and maybe never even got to meet him or hear him live - but whose lives were profoundly affected by his music.'

Read Kevin's full account here, and send your contributions in not later than 20 June 2012. They can be sent directly to Caroline Wright by e-mail.

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